Period Costume Shop Georgian Front

OPENING SOON!! The Period Costume Shop will sell Reproduction fans, parasols, mens gloves, ladies gloves, long stockings, clocked stockings, silk stockings, cravats, jewelry-tiaras, fobs, cravat pins, pocket watches, earings, necklaces, hair pins, hat pins, period perfume, bonnets, hats, fabrics-linen silks, printed cottons, woolens, painted silks, notions, trimmings-silk ribbons, lace, buttons, shoe buckles, mens shirts, ladies shifts, stays, corsets, crinolines, paniers, garment bags, etc. Please add to the list by posting a suggestions. Items will slowly be added to the shop as they are found, developed or made. Many items will be reproductions so they can be worn and used. However, a small portion of original vintage items will be for sale when available, such as an original parasol, vintage ribbons, buttons or original fans. Please be patient while items are carefully sourced for the best quality possible as many are lost arts!